A herbal solid smoke, herbal extract or herbal tincture is a concentrate that results when crude herb is mixed with a suitable solvent. Of the different herbal smoke forms, they are generally the most effective because their active ingredients are more highly concentrated. They also have longer shelf lives than other herbal preparations. Fresh herbal extracts retain almost all of their plants original benefits. We present a wide assortment of legal buds, solid smoke and extracts for the widest range of experiences and savor. Enjoy a smoking experience rich with smell, taste and these sensory impacts lasts longer than one might expect.


Potent Extract Tincture

Aztec Gold has long been our number one selling herbal smoke. Now it has got even better than ever. We are proud to introduce a liquid extract version of this fantastic herbal smoke. Triple cooked process to insure the best the most potent extract possible. This guaranteed to be one of the best extracts you have ever tried. Aztec Gold Liquid Extract was created exclusively by the master herbalists. It is made from 100% pure herbs and botanicals and contains no additives or preservatives of any kind. The best part about Aztec Gold Extract you can add a few drops to Aztec Gold leaf or any other legal bud, herbal smoke or hybrid bud smoke product to enhance the effects for an ultimate smoking experience. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE ANY MACHINERY AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT!



Opium Lettuce Extract

Wild Lettuce Extract "Lactuca virosa" is opium-like. Thus the name Wild Lettuce Opium. The reason this is such a popular product is because the strong narcotic and hypnotic effects are similar, but milder psycho-active effects than opium from papaver somniferum. The plant is used centuries because of its sedating and anesthetic properties. In the 19th century, doctors and pharmacists regularly used lactucarium, a plant extract, when normal opium wasn't available. Lactucarium is a safe opium substitute, because it is not addictive and even large amounts of lactucarium "Wild Lettuce Extract" never lead to over dosage. Add 4-5 drops to make any legal buds stronger and more potent. All our liquid extracts come complete with droppers style lids. Our Wild Lettuce Extract is 20 - 25 times as potent as raw un-extracted herb/plant material. Our Wild Lettuce Liquid Extract is produced for optimal potency and is equal to a 20X - 25X extract. DO NOT DRIVE OR OPERATE ANY MACHINERY AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT!



Kava Kava Extract

Kava Kava Root (root of the Piper Methylsticum plant). Kava Kava Liquid Extract produces a feeling of relaxation in addition to a very pleasant, peaceful sensation combined with strong numbing effects. "Your head is effected most pleasantly." Thoughts come clearly. Directions: As a dietary supplement: Take 2 - 4 droppers in juice, water, or hot tea. Daily usage not to exceed 4 weeks. Adding to "other herbs" Add 4-5 drops on "any" herb, when dry the "herb can be smoked. FOR SALE IN THE U.S. ONLY.

Caution: Do not take when operating heavy equipment or use of vehicles. Kava Kava should NEVER be given to children. Known Side effects: Include indigestion, nausea, mouth numbness, drowsiness and visual distortions. Kava is known to be addictive if combined with antidepressant drugs called monoamine oxidize inhibitors (MAOI). If you have any questions or concerns regarding Kava Kava, your health or possible interactions with prescription medications, simply consult your doctor.

Kava Kava can be very intoxicating and highly euphoric. An extremely pleasant feeling and the best part about Kava is it's subtleties, that come in waves and sneak up on you. All in all, Kava's effects are enjoyable but is NOT like "other herbs" It's not a substitute, it's effects are very different.



Damiana Liquid Extract

From the line of rare and exotic herbs we are proud to offer their Damiana Leaf Liquid Extract. It produces a feeling of subtle but wonderful euphoria, a general sense of contentment along with some sensory enhancement. (including a light intoxicated feeling). Other effects include difficulty in focusing. Most customers report the entire experience with Damiana to be quite pleasant.

Directions: Just add 4-5 drops to make any herbal smoke to make it STRONGER and more potent. All our liquid extracts come complete with droppers style lids.




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